Adjustable Kettlebells

  70 pound Kettlebell with the Kettlestack  system

Kettlebells are just a handle with weight hanging below it, right ? Well that blob of (adjustable) weight works out to nearly a perfect physical challenge over a wide range of motions. In contrast to dumbbells, the offset kettlebell handle allows for comfortable Swing, Rack and Lock positions for a wide range of fast circuit superset workout options.

Kettlebell workouts

Mix up Kettlebell_Swings, swings, cleans,snatches, presses, front squats , turkish getup and other moves (awkward if not impossible with dumbbells) into an old school mix of functional strength, flexibility and endurance training. The results are varied challenging fast and fluid workouts with all the intensity you can handle .

Why use Adjustable Kettlebells ?

Since 2004 Kettlestack has been the proven, innovative solution that gives you the freedom of all the kettlebell moves at any weight you want. Start out light to perfect your timing and form and then progressively add weight to your setup (with Kettlestacks you avoid the "beginner tax" of buying more kettlebells than you really need). Use the quickchange feature to load up the for heavy kettlebell swings and then lighten up for overhead work.

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