High Kettlestack

Our kettlestack adjustable kettlebell handle provides a wide variety of convenient fast kettlebell workouts.Each High option Kettlestack holds up to 95 lbs of standard weights and includes:

  1. hard tempered support bands
  2. two 3" bolts
  3. two 4" bolts
  4. allen key
  5. hard tempered 5.25" support axle

If you are going with the high model you should agree with at least one of two of these two major reasons:

  1. You are a strong trainee and a 50 lb kettlebell is the lightest you'd ever bother with.
  2. You want to do swings with a 90-95 lbs - past the capacity of the mid.

If you are thinking of using a setup at or below 50 lbs then in all likelihood the mid model's top range of 85 is plenty.

The top pictures is at 70 lbs, and for reference, here's a 62 lb Kettlestack:
62 pound kettlestack

Even the 85 lber shown below could be set up with the Mid model Kettlestack.

85 pound kettlestack

Price: $68.97
SKU: 2003