Where are the weights, doesn't Kettlestack sell them ?

No, we don't sell the weight plates at this time:

  • Weight plates are expensive to ship (roughly an additional $.50/lb) and can be purchased locally anywhere in the US at around $.50/lb (even less for used). Kettlestacks ship for small change domestic or international (which costs a small fortune for weights).
  • Any weights work with Kettlestacks - even OLY plates .
  • We have a small but growing retail network and can always suggest a local store where you can get the weight plates and some advice...
  • The kettlebell forums on the internet are full of people asking at what weight to start - With Kettlestacks, even if you don't own your weights, you can borrow a friend's weights or visit a local store and try out a weight setup prior to purchasing the weights.

Also, for the final word in roundedness, consider getting some 7.5lb plates- not nearly as rare as cast kettlebells... :