The Kettlebell Bottoms Up Press (BUP) is a fun, challenging kettlebell motion; You hold an inverted kettlebell by the handle - balancing and pressing up at the same time. Let's motivate people to try it:

* It requires a combination of grip and pressing strength along with focus and coordination to press the kettlebell while maintaining the weight straight above the handle.
* It's a good assistance exercise for the bench press.
* It's a great way to work your weak side.
* Even small weight increases make a BIG difference,so it highlights the advantages and sturdiness of the Kettlestack.
* You can get better with practice, so it's a fun way to psych out your bigger friends (within limits).
* Done well, it looks very cool! (we're always willing to post other videos if you've got them ) . . . .

Here's a recording of an 80lb BUP (bottom up press) (click the picture to watch). While we work on cleaner form, higher poundages (have you seen Brookfield's 100lb BUP?) and better photography, here are a few tips:

1. Practice rocking side to side with an inverted kettlebell of a lighter weight (easy to adjust, yes?).
* Get your forearms muscles used to pulling the kettlebell back to vertical. Think Conan & swordplay.
* Or try the "Brookfield" . Described by the man himself as a gripping a light kettlebell with the handle parallel to the ground, and the bell held out straight.
2. On the clean portion, brace the shoulder by flexing your lat and your chest (the guard position).
3. Don't clean the kettlebell too much - just enough to fall "into the pocket".
4. Stay tight and use the compression you get from the clean to help press and lock out.
5. Check back on this page for more tips (or send in your own (and vids)! )